Sunday, 3 February 2013

Villa Maria, Sauvignon Blanc at Sainsbury's

Villa Maria is a great winery from New Zealand. They are in the Hatch Mansfield stables, the cream of wine agents. Villa Maria grow a number of grape varieties, producing wonderful single grape variety wines. Therefore it came as a lovely surprise to see that Sainsbury's had an offer at the end of one of their aisles, promoting 1/3 off Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc, 2012.

Sauvignon Blanc is a grape variety, that New Zealand do well. I will go further and say that Villa Maria do it very well and consistently. Their winery is in the Northern part of the South Island.

The Marlborough based winery is still family run, fifty years on. They see themselves as an icon, within the country, but then so do the sheep!

The wine is a clear light yellow liquid, the rim shows age potential, but these wines are better young.

The nose is initially pineapple and lemon grass, with a lime zest mist. Lemon drops, sherbet and lime follow in the taste. It is a touch sharp, which will soften slightly with age. Last night I had it with Oysters, the second bottle tonight was with fish pie.

God bless the new fishmonger in town, God bless Sainsbury's and God bless Villa Maria!

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