Sunday, 10 August 2014

Life begins at 40.....champagne bottles?

This summer finds yours truly forty and to numb the pain, I am having three birthday parties.
The first was at the beginning of summer for my friends. A hundred people were invited and most came!

My wife had 36 bottles of Champagne, so I was hoping to equal that. As the day slipped into the night and the corks continued to pop, the final tally was 42 bottles of Champagne.

The Champagne used was Antoine de Clevecy, non vintage bought from Sainsbury's for £14.00, down from £22.00. It was a very drinkable fizz,that was not too mousse  in the mouth. The taste was a light citrus and toffee biscuit flavour. Great value for the money and perfect for the occasion.
As my t-shirt advised on the day "Relax".
Here is to the next forty years.Cheers!

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