Friday, 11 July 2014


This week I found myself at a 1940's tea-dance, complete with wartime cakes,stew and a wonderful performance of the jitter-bug. It was a time to dress up with costumes ranging from Spivs to land girls, Home Guard to Evacuees. Yours truly put on his Grandfather's uniform, that saw action at Monte-Cassino among others. The medals are made up from badges I had when I was a kid and are just a bit of fun.

It was a terrific evening enjoyed by all and when everything was cleared away, I retreated home, for a glass of wine.

Dusting off a bottle of Argentinian Malbec, I noticed the year and wondered if it had gone over? 2005 may be pushing it a little but there was still life in the bottle.
The colour was a deep dark red all the way to the rim. The nose was not overly smoky as I remember it, last time I drank the wine.
The Malbec grapes were delicious, full of dark berry fruits of blackcurrant and blackberry, mixed with chocolate notes.
The wine has a long finish,dominated by sweet tannins.
But like the wine, after a tea-dance, one can get tired.

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