Monday, 7 July 2014

Warwick Castle to Chianti

This week found me in Warwick castle. An unexpected treat, that  turned into a full on day with everything from vulture displays, flaming trebuchets and a bowman that couldn't hit a barn door.
The ticket price does not include all the displays inside, so it became a quest to do all that was included.

I did draw the line at the Princess tower, aimed at five year old princesses, because the pink dress would have clashed with my shoes. There was much to see,with lots of historians/failed actors bringing the subject alive. A timed itinerary helped you keep on track and kept you on you toes.

Lunchtime found me on the banks of the river island, watching as grown men rotated an out sized hamster wheel. This in turn primed a trebuchet bucket, that was ignited, flinging a ball of fire through the air.

The best bit for me was the longbow man, who had all the gear but no idea. His banter was great, but he failed to hit the target dramatically every time. One of the audience said the man needed a new string for his bow. At last, something on target! Another highlight was the birds of prey, heaven know what they are fed, but they were all huge birds and they have been trained to buzz the spectators.

So now the tentative link to wine, well after a full day of climbing towers, zip wires and Horrible History stalls, it felt only right to reach for the cork screw. The tonic of choice was a Chianti coming from the Coop, but originally grown in the mountains south east of Rome. The wine is a blend of three grapes, with 85% Sangiovese, followed by 10% Canaiolo and 5% Cabernet. The wine from memory was in the £7.00 price bracket and is unlikely to offend. It has been stored in oak barrels for 21 months, this comes through but I have to say that the barrels can't be new or there would be greater effect on the wine. The wine is gentle and plummy, going perfectly with the pasta supper.

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