Monday, 7 July 2014

Home-made Pizza

Saturday is a busy day in most people's houses. We spend the morning running the kids around to different clubs, on errands or undertaking some DIY with the radio tuned religiously to "Sounds of the Sixties" with Brian Matthews. The third of these is normally my lot.
We do re-group for lunch and this is where the home-made pizza comes in.
The process starts in the early hours of Saturday morning, when I can be found hand mixing the dough.
I know it can be done in a blender, but it can also be bought at shops too.
By the end of the 60's  show, the dough is ready to be knocked down. Two hours later and the dough can be rolled out into trays.
We keep it simple, with just tomato and cheese toppings. Some of the dough is made into small rolls, perfect with garlic butter or Italian virgin olive oil.

It has been know for lunch to be rolled over into supper, on the days when the cricketing pony choir are putting on a show, or the youth Drama and Brass are putting something on in town. Supper means the possibilities of wine, an event that singularly is the only thing to enhance my crafted pizzas.

The bottle chosen was a Cabernet Sauvignon from the McGuigan vineyard in South-East Australia. It came from Tesco, costing £7.99 and is very inoffensive.
The winemaker, Thomas Jung, has worked hard at making single grape wines. The Cabernet is full of red summer fruits and berries, accompanied by plums and woodiness. The blackcurrant comes out centre stage and stays till the curtain call.  Excellent for my home-made pizza.

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