Monday, 7 July 2014

Taste the difference.

A wine caught my eye this week,that is worth a try.
It is an obvious attempt by Mr Sainsbury to find an alternative to Oyster Bay or the pricey Cloudy Bay.  It is part of the "taste the difference" range.
Maybe it was the strange price they had come up with, who knows? I think the range of "taste the difference" is very apt.
Sainsbury's are laying down their very own Pepsi challenge, to all you Sauvignon drinkers.
Can you pick the wine out of a line-up of other similar looking bottles? I wrote a review some years ago about Oyster Bay .

Firstly, New Zealand are very good at producing Sauvignon. Marlborough is a region on
the north of the Southern island, that is especially good at this grape. Allowing for the slight yearly difference in taste of the grape, this wine is worth a punt. So go on,see if you can taste the difference?

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