Sunday, 1 July 2012

Church to Churchill

Congrats to my cousin, who joined the ranks of the hen pecked, this weekend? It was nice to see that Phil and Nessa didn't stop smiling for the whole day. The sun shone and the Cava flowed at Dean's Place, just outside Alfriston, East Sussex. The reception was held in an enclosed garden, with panoramic views of the South Downs. The Wedding Breakfast was delicious, with the speeches being some of the best I have heard, so heart felt! I hope they had a great day.

When rooms were being turned around and photos of the family were being taken, we slipped away with four exhausted children to see some good friends in Westerham.
After the children had been put to bed and the dogs tired out, we were treated to a great meal.The wine noticeably slipped up a gear or two from lunch; starting with the bloodiest Bloody Mary I've had in a while! We had Rose champagne  with nibbles and a couple of bottles of the lovely Chateaux Tracy with the main, the whole thing was very relaxing and enjoyable.

In the morning, our hosts Dan and Robs, invited us to their market stall in Westerham, for breakfast. The stall is run for Charity and provides sustenance for stall holder and shopper alike. We took our bacon butties around the market, ostentatiously making yummy noises and flattering comments.
No trip to Westerham would be complete without a mention of the great man himself. Besides his dabblings into car insurance, he remains the greatest Statesman ever to have lived. I think we will end it there.

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