Sunday, 1 July 2012

Cheeky Alsace Wines

For nearly a decade, I have thought that Charles Schleret was one of the finest wine producers in Alsace. His range of white wines are gentle and crafted. In the days when I bought lots of wine, I bought cases of these wines from Yapp Brothers. There were times that I felt bad rejecting every other wine on their vast list and ignoring the Reps. sales pitches. After a few years, we settled down into an understanding and they waited for my call but otherwise left me alone.
This wine is made from the Sylvaner grape which originated in Austria. The grape was grown widly in Germany and Alsace, before falling out of favour and being replaced with more aromatic grapes.

Charles Schleret still keeps it alive with this fine example. The grape gets bad press for not being exciting enough, true, it has very subtle honey flavours and little aroma. Surely this is an endearing quality, when other wines try so hard to satisfy our taste buds.

If nothing else, keep a look out for Mr Schleret, who will be sure to wow.

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