Saturday, 14 July 2012

Sauvignon Blanc

This weekend, our good friends from Hong Kong came back to the UK for a short stay.
They arrived in the playground at the end of school on Friday and changed the mood for the better.
We miss them throughout the year and it is always great to see them.

They planned to see us for lunch on Saturday and ended up staying for dinner.
In preparation for them coming, I paid a visit to Majestic Wines to stock up on some wine and beer.

The Giesen is a Sauvignon Blanc, from Marlborough in New Zealand. The other comes from Chile and is made by Luis Felipe Edwards, again a Sauvignon Blanc. Our guests also brought along two Sauvignon Blancs, this time from the Co-op.

The Zondernaam comes from South Africa and the Oyster Bay is another wine from New Zealand.
The Sauvignon Blanc tour around the new world, started with the Zondernaam.
The wine's aroma was full of limes and tinned peaches in syrup, the colour was very pale green.
The taste is one of freshly squeezed lime, the obligatory cut grass, apricots, sour mangoes and hints of young pineapple.

Next to be open was the Giesen from Marlborough in New Zealand.It has a very pale green golden tinge. The aroma is very sugary lime, cut grass and tropical fruit. The taste is full on tangy lime melded with Kiwi.

The Luis Felipe Edwards was next against the wall and comes from the middle of Chile.
The aroma is lemon and lime blended together, the is a huge trodden nettle leaf feel too.
It is almost clear, with just a hint of a hint of green. The taste is fruity lime with little of that citrus edge. There is also tropical fruit, mangoes and kiwis coming through.

The Oyster bay will have to keep for another day, our  taste buds were done with dry wine by this point and our friends had to leave.

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