Saturday, 26 May 2012

Friday Night is Curry Night

The weekend got off to a great start, coaching the under 9s at Cricket. There was a great feeling of fun and learning on the field and the children responded well. "Lovely neighbour" bought me a pint of Hooky (the local beer) from the club house. I enjoyed sitting out side the club house and watching the cricket with friends on this warm evening.

A cycle through town and I was with more friends, it should be pointed out that I had invited myself round. Wine was opened and the take away was laid out and passed around.

The rosé comes from Bordeaux and is known as a Clairet. It has it's own appellation too.The word Clairet is the French for clear and this is where our word Claret comes from. Two centuries ago all clarets were clairets and they proved very popular with the English.

Clairets are made from blends of the most common grapes used in this region. This wine is made up of 70% merlot and 30% Cabernet Franc. The contact with the skin is the main difference. With rosé, it is a matter of hours contact, were as with Clairet It is a couple of days. 
This wine is a bubblegum to cherry pink.  The taste is crisp and juicy too, with wild strawberries, white peach and under ripe raspberries. 

We were also drinking a Chilean Merlot that is on offer at Sainsburys at the moment. It is Called Vina Maipo Reserva and comes from the Aconcagua region in Central Chile.
The wine is full of dark cherries and white pepper, with a dark chocolate edge, well worth the money. It went very well with the hot spices in the curry, particularly the lamb dishes.
At the end of the evening, we planned to either go to the seaside or have a BBQ at home.
I feel like the weekend is turning into a very English version of Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Princes song Summertime .

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