Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Jam and Jerusalem

Last night, I was invited to give a wine tasting for West Oxfordshire Women's Institute or W.O.W.I. for short.
I have to say that I thought things were going slightly pear shaped, when handbags started to open and bottles of wine were taken out and drunk during the notices!

I'd chosen wines which were good representations of the country they came from, and all could be bought through NortonWine Cellar.  I'm pleased to say the evening went very well despite it being a little daunting walking into a room full of women who look like they know what it's all about!

I was pleased to have opened the Cote Du Rhone a couple of hours beforehand - it had improved really well, as I know it would and gave us an opportunity to talk 'leaving it to breathe'. 

The evening finished with cheese and a chat, they didn't even sing Jerusalem but we did head to the pub afterwards.

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