Thursday, 3 May 2012

This week finds me organising my Parish Priest's Wine Cellar. A task that I had been putting off for nearly three years. Once they know you are into wine, people are always keen to show you the wine they have spent a life-time collecting. Whether this is because they are seeking approval or want to know that they got the bargain of the century, I don't know.

I am as bad, every time two history teachers from my secondary school days come and see me, I never fail to get drawn into an historic debate. Why I don't learn, I will never know.

So after Mass this week, we both descended into the cellar and started unpacking box after box of carefully wrapped wine bottles.
It was like being back in a sweet shop, with such a selection.
Sadly some wines were past their prime, others looked perfectly aged, it was a pleasure to sort them out.
Father very kindly gave me two bottles from the south of France.

The Chateau Des Sarrins, 2005, a Rosè  from Provence, was a wonderful treat. It was predominantly made from Cinsault grapes 50%, Grenach 35% and the balance  Syrah and Mourvèdre. It was a beautiful rose petal pink. I found intresting , because Cinsault is rarly the dominant grape in blends.

The second bottle was called "Rolle" from the same year and vineyard, sadly it was not at its best and had taken on sherry qualities

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