Friday, 31 August 2012

Summer holiday blues............& reds

For over a week now, my wife and I have been counting the "sleeps"  until the kids go back to school.
They are driving us to distraction. Winding up each other, the Puppy, each other, us and each other.

They seem to trash the house on an hourly basis, feel the need to wear all their clothes and insist on drawing on the table with permanent marker.

My wife and I have taken to "passing the baton" of custody, so the other one can have some sane down time.

As to where is this leading?  Well, we try, as a rule, not to drink on a weekday. The kids however, have driven us to break our fast.

Last night we enjoyed a beautiful bottle of Chilean Pinot Noir. It is made by the uber talented Errazuriz vineyard and was bought at Majestic wines. The range is called Wild Ferment, because it is made with the natural yeast found on the skins of the grapes.

It is made in a place that seems geographically purpose built for viticulture. The grapes receive bright sunshine during the day and are cooled by the sea breeze and the mountain breeze at night.

For the price, it is punching far above it's belt. The wine has this Gentleman's club smell, full of worn leather and tobacco smoke. The taste is predominantly dark cherry, with hints of bitter chocolate, coffee and ground spice.

It was drinking so well, that this morning I found myself thanking the kids, for driving me to open it.

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