Friday, 24 August 2012

Wild Thyme

To celebrate my wife's birthday, we discussed going out for a meal as a family.
Fortunately,I managed to change this plan into a family BBQ at lunch, in our garden.
The kids helped me make the salads, plural, during the morning. The whole thing was made very palatable with a bottle of Tattinger.

My wife did have to take over the cooking of the burgers, as I had to go and help an old lady get her electricity back on. When I came back, she was wearing a stupid chef cap and enjoying the bubbly.

However we digress, the point is that I managed to book a babysitter at short notice and we found ourselves in town, with no kids and no reservation. We are blessed with many places to eat, but one of the best is Wild Thyme restaurant. It does not have many covers and I am sure the weekend could see it filled twice over. However, mid-week it was great just to turn up and sit right down.


This is my chicken and crayfish terrine, that I had for starter.
It seemed an unusual combination, that worked well.

I just adore privately run restaurants, the unpredictability of menus,the personally selected wine list and eclectic furniture in the restaurant all go to make a unique evening.

This restaurant is no exception, the wine list was a joy to read and having decided first on our food, I plumped for an Italian white wine made with the Fiano grape. Fiano di Avellio  comes from the South of Italy, from the Campania region. It was first cultivated by the Romans, but has failed to gain mainstream notoriety.

The Fiano had a pale straw golden colour, with a clear rim. Mint and pineapple are entwined together on the nose, this is joined by a gentle quince and pear on the taste. There were subtle notes of orange blossom too. The herbs and spices detected , were discounted when I realized I was sitting in the gardenroom next to the herb borders.

The wine continued to please  accompanying the Turbot main course very nicely. Both dishes were attractivly presented and well put togeather.

All too soon, it was time to go home and takeover from the babysitter. The evening was finished off with a coffee and a slice of birthday cake.

A Wild Thyme was had by all.

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