Saturday, 18 August 2012

Supermarket Wine

While away,for a few days in Yorkshire, we decided to have a takeaway Chinese meal. The order was duly placed, so I dashed out to the local supermarket for some wine. The local shop turned out to be ASDA, which was the size of a Cathedral and packed with parishioners, paying homage at the tills.

The wine section happened to be rather good and here is my point. If you like wine and have the time to search, there are gems to be had at all Supermarkets. Yes, the percentage of good wines are going to be higher at Waitrose than the CO-OP, but this would not stop me looking.

Anyway, I was looking for an Alsace wine made from Gewurztraminer grapes. It goes perfectly with Chinese food and I have yet to find a bad producer from this region.
The wine is normally a dark yellow colour, with a honey nose. The taste is always dominated by Lychee, with pure honey on the edge. This wine didn't disappoint and is worth a try.

So look out for the grape and try other countries too. New Zealand's Gewurztraminer is good, but I am sure there are others?

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