Sunday, 28 October 2012


In 2000, while on honeymoon, my wife and I spent a very enjoyable two weeks touring France in a vintage MG.
One of our stops, was in the Loire,in Sancerre. A wine supplier, that I used, organised for us to visit a vineyard and be treated as VIPs. Joseph Mellot was the vineyard and Alexander Mellot was our host.

We had a fantastic tour around and then were taken for lunch in their family run restaurant, in the town square. Since then, I have had great affection and loyalty to the vineyard. I have also bumped into Alexander Mellot at wine tastings around the country.

I felt a real loss, when I heard he had died prematurely, a few years ago.
My favourite wine from their range, is called Les Collinettes, this brings me back to the wine.

The Sauvignon grape that grows there, grows in very difficult conditions, almost against the odds.
The soil is clay and limestone,the latter giving the wine a mineral quality.

It has a pale yellow colour and the nose is hugely of cut grass and elderflower. There is a lemon zest, coupled with gooseberries and grapefruit.

As I mentioned before,the limestone soil comes out in the form of a mineral quality in the wine. All these things work together so well, I can't recommend it enough. Enjoy.

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