Monday, 29 October 2012

wine from the supermarket, this week Spar

In an effort to cover all supermarkets and in my quest to search out good wine,  I visited the local Spar. This supermarket is attached to the local petrol garage and I have to say, I have never used it for groceries. The wine section was fairly sizable,compared to the size of the shop. Sadly they seemed to cater for the unsophisticated pallet. There were crates of Blossom Hill and Echo Falls, which I guess were there in case they ran out of Petrol at the pumps. Just these two lines took up over half the stock.

However, determined to buy something, I was surprised by a Cava from Spain. It is called Donacella and comes from the North-East of Spain, close to the coast. The Cava comes in Brut and Rosado, both are on offer, reduced from £9.99 to £4.50. The wine was pale yellow,with a fast myriad of small fast bubbles. The bubbles lasted well, certainly the life of the glass,till drunk. The smell was one of toffee and banana, with a hint of peppermint too.
 The taste was gently one of sherbet lemons and sucky sweet pear drops. I didn't get the apples described on the side of the bottle, but did get a finish of French Bon-Bon's, that you used to buy in long strips and bring back, on foreign school trips.
I think it was an obligatory purchase, much like the French Baguettes and the small petards. The last of which we would light and throw over the side of the ferry or explode in fruit.

So go to Spar for the Cava, the petrol and the cooking wine.
There is always room for fizz, in everyones life.

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