Friday, 5 October 2012

Wines from the Supermarket, this week is Morrisons

It is a great remit, to visit different Supermarkets and see what wine is on offer.
When you get to the checkout, at some supermarkets, your goods look pristine and new.
At Morrison's, the goods look like they have been opened or thrown around a bit first.
It maybe that the shelf stacker's are required to be clumsy, but it always feels like they have been hosting "Its a knockout" in the aisles.

That all said, the selection and choice of wine is very good. There seems to be a good variety for all budgets and tastes. The offers seemed to be wide spread and useful, which counts for a lot.

There are two Chenin Blancs that caught my eye, both from South Africa and both on offer. I purchased the Reserve Selection Cape Heritage over the Kumala Zenith, because it sounded more interesting and independent. I had also tried the Zenith before, finding it a little watery for a Chenin.

Cape Heritage proved to be a great wine. Golden in colour, the nose was very much pear, but I also got a damp chalk smell too. The flavour was one of poached pear with a tropical edge. There were green gauges and gooseberries going on and at the end there was a hint of characteristic South African orange zest.

The red I picked out this week, was a punchy blend from Oz.
Made by Andrew Peace, it is cleverly called Masterpeace and is made up of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. What this means is that the larger proportion of grapes in the blend, come first on the label. I have always preferred these two grapes to be Cab dominant. If it is Shiraz first, the Cab does not seem to get a look in.

This wine was fab, it did all that I was expecting. The wine was a deep dark bluey red, with a nose of casis and white pepper. This followed through to the taste, with juicy blackcurrant, pepper and black cherry. It was a very meaty South East Australian wine, that would go well with Bush Tucker.

Sadly, I didn't see any bush tucker, damaged or otherwise on sale at Morrison's. If I did it would give me more-reasons to shop there.


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