Friday, 12 October 2012

Wines from the Supermarket, this week Lidl

Lidl is our shop of the week for wine. I have never understood Lidl's prices and I don't think they do either. Somethings are stupidly cheap and other things like staple grocery items,like milk and bread are priced as if shipped in from the moon.

The only place to buy Onions, car jacks and Bongo drums in the same aisle.

Last week I was complaining that Morrisons items can look a little damaged, Lidl items look like they have been glued back together and stuck on the shelf again. These places are an experience. Badges should be given to cubs and brownies, who go there, buy something and understand their bill.
Or who are able to pack, at the same speed as the checkout girl can scan and throw.

My wines this week, have friction burns from the checkout. They are never the less on offer and good value. The prices are not given, only because they are fluctuating so much, that they have changed before I could type them.

The first, is a white wine from Burgundy. It is made with the Aligote grape, which my Boys Book of Knowledge, has down as nutty and zesty. I thought these were two of the Spice Girls.
The colour is golden straw to the edge. The initial smell for me was uncooked bacon rashers, which turned to dried lemon rind.

The lemon turns to drops and is mixed with honey and toasted hazelnuts. The taste is not overly lasting, but pleasant. The next wine up, is a straight speaking Rioja from Spain. It is called Cepa Lebrel and comes from the North Eastern region. The grape make-up is usually dominantly Tempranillo, then Grenache, then Carigan.

It is the comprehensive way that Rioja oak their wines, that seems to give it their consistent taste. The wine is light red in colour. The nose is one of cherries and shoe polish. The oak is present in the form of vanilla, but there are Morello cherries too. The wine has a very nice aftertaste and well worth a try.

So why not pop into Lidl, for the wine and pick up some Bongos at the same time.

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