Sunday, 30 September 2012

Woks it all about ? ( or for the sake of Sake).

I found myself in Wagamamas, this week, trying to understand the menu. It can be frightening "skiing off piste", but i think leaving your comfort zone every now and again is healthy. the Japanese restaurant is very slick and well run. The simple tables, give a sense of communal eating. The lack of space demarcation, can be thrilling....once and again!

It feels more Communist China, than westernised Japan. However, this free spirit made me skip over the regular wine list and head for the plum wine and Sake section. I read with interest, how James Bond had got it wrong in "You only live twice".

The dialogue went : Tanaka asks James, "You like Japanese sake, Mr. Bond - or would you like a vodka martini?" James replies, "Oh no, I like sake, especially when it's served at the correct temperature, 98.4F, like this is."        
Wagamama can do your Sake at any temperature. I didn't chose Mr Bond's rice wine selection, which it turns out, is body temperature. Instead, my rice wine came chilled, with an eggcup like shot glass. When drinking it, I kept thinking of cheap vodka,poured into a carton of take-away plain rice. The mix did seem to go very well with the Japanese Beef and noodles,I was having it with.

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