Sunday, 30 September 2012

Little Italy in Ireland

While staying in Dublin, we went to an Italian restaurant, located in the Hotel. It was the lazy option for us, because my wife and I both felt tired. The day had started early, getting out of the house and then getting to the airport.

I always try to encourage my wife to pack small, so we can carry on the plane, all our luggage. It goes back to a time, when I was travelling in America. We used to say "if you can't hack it, don't pack it". I am sure we will come back, with clothes unworn, even now.

So in this very large and fairly empty restaurant, the waitress, Anna, was trying to gauge how much we know about wine and then go in for the sell. I tend to humour them and play dumb. I wanted to see what was popular and what she would want to drink. This narrowed the field to three whites.

We plumped for Anna's first choice  and had a bottle of Trebbiano d'Abruzzo, made with Trebbiano grapes. The section, was a great "Pasta wine", going well with the creamy sauce of my Carbonara. It was produced in the Soave region, but had little in common with Soaves.

The sharp lemon flavours, cut through the rich sauces perfectly It did battle with the Mozzarella covered Garlic Bread too. The only downside was, when we took the bottle back to our suite, the lemon zest proved too sharp to drink without food. This didn't stop us getting another bottle, two days later, when we went back for pizza,

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