Friday, 7 September 2012

Wines from the supermarket, this week Sainsbuy's

A few weeks ago, I touched on wines from the supermarket, extolling their virtues.
I thought it might be an idea to try this out on a weekly basis.
This weeks offerings have been chosen from Sainsbury's and are selected on quality and value for money basis.

With the sun suddenly appearing, now the kids are back to school, I have chosen two whites and a blush.
The first is from South Africa and is a Sauvignon Blanc, from Batttlefield Wines. It is down to £5.00 from £5.99 and has been £9.99, but does all the things you want a Sauvignon to do. It also raises money for the Royal British Legion.

The wine is light and crisp,there is cut grass on the nose and it is packed full of gooseberries and lemon zest.
A wine that will go well with Pasta, Fish and Sunny Evenings.

The second wine is a Chardonnay from the South East of Australia. It was on offer at £7.99 or 3 for £12.00, but this may have ended? It tasted better with the offer, it has to be said. However it has very little oak to it, and it is often the oak taste that can turn people off Chardonnay. There was vanilla, peaches, lemon, honey and a certain buttery quality to it.
Worth a try and look out for future offers.

 My last recommendation is on offer as you can see.
£5.99 or 3 for £12.00. A very eye catching bottle that is geared for the Japanese and Female market, so what out all you Geisha!

This wine comes from California and although the bottle or website does not say the grape, I would stab at Cabernet blended with Cab Franc or Merlot.
 It has a strong homemade strawberry jam quality to it on the nose and in truth this goes through to the taste. It was reminiscent of the Strawberry syrup you would put on ice cream as a kid. The palette has red cherries and light cassis too.

Three very drinkable wines at  very rosy prices from Sainsbury's.


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