Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Book Group cometh.

"The Book Group are drinking, I mean meeting, here tonight" my wife informed me this morning.
A monthly "do", that a band of Mothers take it in turns to host. The object is to read a book between group meetings and then turn up and gossip for two hours.

The talk is fuelled by tasty bites and choice cuts from my cellar. This time, I am prepared, I took steps to buy wine in and taste beforehand. I put forward three wines, one of which was the rosé, which  I wrote about this week.
The other two were picked out, because they looked interesting on the shelf.

The first to catch my eye was "La Casita", which I thought was apt because it was our house they were coming to. It means little house and refers to the traditional small white and terracotta buildings studding Chile's landscape.

The wine comes from the central region of Chile and is made from the Chardonnay grape. It is very pale yellow in colour, with a clear rim,showing it to be young.

The first thing that came to mind on the nose, was cactus. This was quickly replaced by sweet aromas of ripe pineapple and pure honey coming through.  The taste is one of fresh, juicy peaches, the honey is in there too. On the finish, I got a toasty nutmeg quality creeping in.

The second wine, I picked out was a Soave from Italy. The wine is named after the village of Soave, which is near Verona, famed for Romeo and Juliet. The wine is very pale,with just a nod to a greenish hue. Spider plants leapt to mind, on the nose, with maybe a gentle waft of meaty Bolognese sauce. There is something very vegetational on the nose, however, as the wine warms up, Gallia melon smells come through.

Barley and lime burst to the front, on taste, followed by lemon and honey cold lozenge's. There is a lime or sour grapefruit squeeze on the finish.

I hope the Book Group enjoy the offerings, I am sure they'll let me know in the playground tomorrow!


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