Sunday, 30 September 2012

Wines from the Supermarket, this week Tesco.

This week, I made a trip to Tesco, in search of some good wine. The shelves were well stocked, with a wide range of wine. The only thing lacking,seemed to be good offers.

One offer did catch my eye, that was for a half price Wairau Cove, Sauvignon Blanc. Down from £11.99 to £5.99.  It comes from Marlborough, on the Southern Island of New Zealand. The wines lives up to expectations of New Zealand Sauvignons. There is cut grass and lime on the nose. I also found this wine had an enjoyable gooseberry and passion-fruit blended burst on the tongue.

The only down point was , that it seemed dryer than the regular Sauvignon Blancs from this area. This dryness may put people off. However, if this is your thing, fill your boots. Lacking in good offers at Tesco, the next wine I choose, was an old faithful wine, i used to buy over fifteen  years ago.

The Tesco claret, which is now branded "simply claret",was always a good call. It is now priced at £4.38, quite bizarrely.
The price has not changed much,in all those years. Although, I have to say,the wine did feel significantly lighter. The dominant Merlot grape, did little for the blend.
I didn't get cherry and plum, more tired blackcurrant.

All this considered, it is worth its money, I am glad that I put it up against a homemade curry and a nice roaring fire.
To make a good evening, as Tesco say, every little helps.

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