Sunday, 16 September 2012

Fairground Attraction

This weekend, the fair is in town. A yearly event, which the kids look forward to and the parents have to save up for! The kids and I now have an understanding that they don't "win" any fish.

Toy guns are another problem in our house, as all too often these are won and broken, before they get home.
Please don't be fooled, it is a fun night out. A chance to see old friends, with the added bonus of knowing that, all the time you are chatting, you are not spending money. I was required to go on the dodgem twice this year, as driver.
A very frightening thing to do, I can tell you.
Particularly as I noticed,that part of the barrier holding the dodgem cars in, had worked loose.

I guess the people in the wine bar were more scared. With thirty dodgem cars, being driven by candy fuelled kids, hurtling around only feet away. The "house of fun" was anything but. Luckily, the kids were too small for the haunted house. I found last year, that it left more questions, than answers.

With a jumbo size bag of candy floss to walk home with, the kids had been successfully shepherded through the mire of dazzling lights and safely home.
Once home,we had hot dogs and the people over 1.4 meters, had wine. It felt apt to reach for a Romanian red. A Merlot from a country, too often overlooked for their wine. This was great value and did the job.

 It was full of juicy cherry and plum flavours, a little earthy and reminiscent of Hungarian, "Bulls Blood"wine. There was little oak or finesse about the wine and yet it fitted the bill. As Fairground Attraction once sung, "Its got be perfect".

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