Saturday, 23 March 2013

Louis Jadot, a Beaune of contention?

Friday night rolls up and it seems another week has flown by. It saw me reaching for a bottle of Louis Jadot and to reward myself, I made it a Premier Cru. Let me explain...

Friday evening starts with "tidy Friday", which can scan, if you try really hard.  This is when the children argue about doing chores, while the adults use the time spent bickering by the children, to run around like mad things and the house gets clean.

The dog is moved strategically, from room to room, so that he is not afforded the opportunity to bite the hoover or chase the mop. Worse of all, is that he's let out into the garden and comes back in with muddy paws and a crazy wish to visit every room as fast as he can.

Tidy Friday is followed by "Homework Hour", where the older kids try to break the back of what ever work they have been set.

The younger ones try to break the Maths game they have been sent home with. It always involves cards with bumble bees or fairies (that the dog loves to chew) and always manages to raise voices and blood pressure.

Next is supper together and this is when the wine comes out. Tonight's choice was a Beaune. Premier Cru, 2002. It comes from the heart of the Burgundy region, with the vineyards cradling the town of Beaune. Hence the name of the appellation. It is made from Pinot Noir grapes, which produce soft fruity wines. This wine is no exception.

It is light crimson in colour, with good age showing at the rim of the glass. The smell is a meld of tar, cherries and chewing tobacco. These settle to become smoky stewed plums. The stewed plums continue on the taste, but this time it feels like they have been mixed with pure honey. As the wine breathes, a rare beef flavour comes through on the after taste.

Louis Jadot have produced a beautiful wine again, 2002 maybe getting a little sleepy, but it sure beats "Tidy Friday".

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