Saturday, 9 March 2013

Wines from the supermarket, this week Aldi.

In my quest for the perfect glass of wine, I have had to dress down and dress up. This week my wife saved me the trouble and in her chirpy voice, informed me she was heading to Aldi.
My memories of Aldi, as few as they may be, are of the speedy checkout staff. They scan so quickly, that it is impossible to pack at the same speed and so much of what you buy, turns to puree before your eyes.
However, I had integrations to integrate, so I waved her off and made sure none of the bags had holes ( to catch all the puree, you understand?).

When my wife got home, she informed me, she had the perfect wine for my blog. "it must be good, the bottle has a wire cage around it" she said. After hitting my head against the desk, we decided to open said bottle, having wiped all the puree off. It was still early and so the wine was open and undrunk for nearly a full hour.

The wine was called Baron Amarillo, Rioja Reserva. It can in at a princely £5.99, a clear £5.00 more expensive than anything else in the shop!

However it was good! The wine showed age on the rim, with only very slight clearness at the edge of the glass. Quite a dark wine for a Rioja, there were pencil shavings and stewed cherry and dried fig on the nose. The flavours on the tongue were of huge cherry compote with vanilla pods and dried fruit. There is a spicy tang, almost of English Mustard. This develops into more cherries and red fruit.
It had a nice warm finish that lasts and lasts.

So now I have to eat humble pie and say my wife's plan to buy Aldi caged wine, is not so silly.

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