Saturday, 9 March 2013

Waitrose's new own label range of wine.

Waitrose have a starter range of wines, I spied them the last time I was there. They are a very generic range, meant to typify a whole country in a bottle. This is like saying that you can do all regional accents in Great Britain, just because you can do a Cotswold lilt.

I choose their Italian Red, which at £5.00, seemed pretty good. It promised a wine that was both "Rich and Intense". Not to be confused with Arab Sheiks, some of whom are also rich and in tents.

The ruby red coloured wine, exhibits slow legs, the colour does not quite go to the rim, showing ability to age. I doubt anyone will be laying this down? It is a very "drink it now" bottle.

There is huge chocolate and fruity red berries on the nose. Cherry and Oak can be picked up at this stage too.
The initial taste is quite port-esque, dark chocolate coming through. The taste goes on to be one of stewed strawberries.

From what I tasted, I couldn't pick the region the wine was from. I normally like to picture the vineyard in my mind's eye. This just didn't do it for me, but as a good cheap bottle, it may work for others?

One of the supermarkets may as well bring range named after continents. If you like sweeping with a broad broom, then this Waitrose range might be for you?

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