Sunday, 31 March 2013

A master class,from a master.

I am in touch with few people from my Secondary School days. Just three really and two of those were Masters at the College.
Both were my Head of Year, for two years apiece and both taught me History, for all of my time at Secondary.
We normally meet two or three times a year, for lunch and a catch-up. At these meetings, I can't help but argue about some historic event. Imagine, with the men who taught me the stuff, how stupid is that?

However, this month, one of the Masters, lets call him Sir, came up from the big smoke.
Sir came to give me a master class on spin-bowling and other cricket coaching tips.

We found an empty village green and spent the morning practising leg-breaks.
After a pleasant pub lunch, it was time to drop Sir back at the station. It had been a beautiful and useful day in the Cotswolds,  with the sun shining down and skills being taken on board.
It was then that Sir opened his bag and produced a rather nice bottle of Fleurie.

The Fleurie is made by Bouchard Pere and Fils, one of the largest growers, with 130 hectares of vines in the heart of the Cote d'Or. 12 hectares are classified in Grand Cru and 74 in Premier Cru, an area on the right in-between Dijon and Beaune.

I waited until Easter, to open the bottle. A nod to Lent and all that. The wine was a soft crimson red, with a nose reminiscent of fleshy cherry, vanilla pods and cherry wood.
The first taste, straight after opening, was one of sour cherries. As the wine breathed, the sharpness left and a stewed cherry and plum flavour took over.
The wine has a soft edge to it, there is marzipan in there too, but I still keep coming back to the cherries.
The question is, will it bowl a maiden over? 

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