Sunday, 7 April 2013

Turner Road; an interesting blend?

I found a stray bottle, that I was given as a "gift for the host". It comes from California and it was the blend that caught my eye.
When  there is more than one grape, the dominant grape is listed first on the label. If there are more than two grapes, then the next dominant comes next.

This is hugely important to know because, personally I adore Cabernet / Shiraz, but find Shiraz / Cab a little too much.

The blend in Turner Road is Cabernet / Zinfandel, an unusual pairing that seemed to work rather well.

The wine is plum red in colour and it goes right to the edge of the glass. The nose reminds me of grow-bag peat quality at first, which then becomes earthy, with tar, cherry pie, plums and stewed strawberries.
The finish is one of cherry crumble.

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