Sunday, 28 April 2013

Supermarket wines, this week Aldi

Un-deterred, my wife had chosen the "Supermarket wine of the week" and again it comes from the very glamorous Aldi.
She chose a "pink" from Australia, with a pretty lizard on the front, say no more!

Kooliburra Australian RoséThe wine was actually a very nice rose, which we enjoyed on Friday, one of the warm evenings we had this weekend.
The wine is made from a blend of dark grapes.

The skins have extra contact, during maceration, giving a darker rosé. The colour is a bright strawberry red, the strawberries are joined with other summer red fruits, on both the nose and palette.

With no vintage and no detail of what grapes are in it, the best I can tell you is that the name "Kooliburra", is the Aboriginal for small pretty lizard. Second game to the wife I think?

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