Sunday, 7 April 2013

Cellar of the Devil

On Saturday, we were invited to freshen up the local cricket club. Paint was applied, things were built and the wicket was rolled; the club started to look ready for the new season.  As a thank you I was given a bottle of wine, along with a bacon sarnie.

The bottle that I was given, was a Chilean red, made from Carmanere grapes. The wine is called Casillero del Diablo or Cellar of the Devil.

The story goes,100 years ago Don Melchor de Concha reserved for himself, the best bottles of a batch of wine, he had made. The Don was worried that these bottles would get taken.
To protect his investment, he spread the rumour that the devil lived in his cellar. It is a good job, that the Devil didn't have a penchant for good Chilean wines either?

The wine is dark red, almost blackcurrant. The nose is one of bitter quality chocolate, blended with coffee beans and blackcurrant jam.
The jammyness comes out in the initial taste, along with a bramble greenery and a toasty oak flavour.

A very good wine, made with Chile's very own grape, Carmanere. I just think a stronger cellar would have been in order, rather than a scary rumour, that must have been the kiss of death for the marketing department at the winery?

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