Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Chablis Premier Cru, the ultimate sacrifice.

If I am honest, it was a panic selection. My wife had cooked a nice meal and when I posed the question, "shall I get us some water?" the reply left me in no doubt.
Off I went, to the wine cellar, with little time on my side. I had to select a bottle befitting the nice meal. When I came across this Chablis, I looked at the vintage and thought it should be used sooner rather than later.

Back at the dinner table, with the cork out and glasses poured, I then had a chance to see that this really was a good bottle. Crafted even, with it's golden lemon colour that stretches all the way to the rim. The intoxicating perfume of pear and lemon zest melded with struck flint.

A beautiful wine that had a slight sour pear opening and cooked lemon and pear middle. I detected a lead quality and slight earthiness. The musty flavour was stronger than I remembered last time, so I think I was right to ask it to make the highest sacrifice.
It laid down its life, so I didn't have to lay down mine. I won't be forgetting the wine next time!

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