Friday, 11 January 2013

wine from the supermarket, this week Co-op

Thursday night, on a whim, we elected to have a Chinese take-away. It had been a bitty day, with loads going on. I had a chilled bottle of Vouvray in the fridge, from the Co-op and that clinched it.

The bottle in the fridge, was from the Domaine des Perruches, which is located in Vernou, near Vouvray, in the Loire. It is made with the Chenin Grape, which some years is joined by a smidgen of  the Arbois grape.

The colour is a clear pale yellow,with a little youth showing around the rim. The nose is gentle, clean and slightly chalky. I got hints of Chamomile and soft lemon too.

The taste is sharp,like Physalis (cape gooseberries) and green pears. There is heather honey drifting in, the whole thing is like a dream, with white sheets wafting on the breeze. Reminiscent of a Bonnie Tyler music video.

The finish has pencil lead (in a good way) and that feeling you get with tic-tacs, just without the mint.
What I mean to say is, it makes your teeth feel clean, or is it a total eclipse of the heart?
Chalk another point up to the Co-op. 


  1. Looks like a lovely bottle of wine that could leave one feeling lost in France.

    1. You were faster than the speed of light, with that. I hope you get to try the wine, enjoy and thanks.

  2. Just grabbed a bottle of the 2012 for Christmas Eve.The price has gone up a little to £8 but looking forward to it.