Saturday, 19 January 2013

Planeta, Sicilian wine at it's best.

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to have a private tasting with one of the Planeta cousins.
Francesca Planeta came to the College , looking very chic, with cases of bottles from the family estates.

He had also brought some of the finest olive oil from Sicily. I brought out some fresh bread from the kitchen for dipping, while bottles were uncorked and introductions were made.

Francesca explained that two of his cousins and himself, had a dream to make the family estate in Sambuca, produce great wine. The estate had been in the Planeta family for some four hundred years.
Their mission was to match the perfect soil, with the perfect grape variety, creating perfection along the way.

I brought out a Planeta Syrah, 2001 from the Cellar and was gratified to see Francesca practically genuflect in awe. He went on to say that up until now, this bottle was his family's greatest triumph.

The family have won award after award, they have gone on to buy more and more land around Sicily, adding more grape varieties. It sounded like they were making offers no-one could refuse.

At that tasting, I personally bought a case of the Syrah, 2006 and a few bottles of the Olive Oil.
This brings me to the bottle I opened this weekend. The Syrah is plum red, showing a nice amount of age. The nose is one of white pepper and red fruit, there is fig and tobacco in there too.

The plums are joined by stewed cherries, prunes and dried fruit. The waft of tobacco is mixed with an oaky vanilla. There is a peppery heat on the finish.  A truly crafted wine, from a very consistent producer. It would be good to note, that the Chardonnay 2007 is very well worth a try.
As some Sicilians may say "this is an offer you can't refuse"?

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