Friday, 4 January 2013

wine from the supermarket, this week Waitrose

Feeling the need to stock-up on quality groceries, we took a picturesque drive through part of the Cotswold's, to Waitrose. I have expressed my bias before, so I won't justify my preference. 

The wine I have chosen this week, is a Beaujolais. It comes from an area in France, south of Burgundy and north of Rhone, where the wines are made with Gamay grapes.

The grapes come from a selection of vineyards and wine growers, hence the name "Cuvee Des Vignerons". Waitrose are offering the wine at £5.00 on the nose, down from £5.99. The wine, from experience, is inoffensive and tends to go with most dishes and palettes.

This wine has a rusty clear rim, showing it could age some more. However, there was no vintage on the bottle, so my advice would be not to lay it down too long. The nose was a gentle stewed strawberries and cherries, with a light tar edge.

The initial taste was a soft blend of cherry compote, complete with cinnamon stick and prunes. The cherries continue throughout and become sweeter as the wine develops. A good buy and perfect with seasonal dishes. I am going to check my cellar, to see if I can find a Beaujolais with more age, to compare.

Waitrose, did have other offers in the wine aisle, but my need for chamomile and vanilla hand wash proved too great.

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