Saturday, 12 January 2013

Muscadet and fish-pie.

After a busy week, we planned a nice family meal on Saturday evening. I was on kiddy duty,out walking the dog, when it started to snow.

Cutting the walk short,we headed home, I asked the kids what they fancied for lunch and dinner.
Home made pizza was the call for lunch and "fish for tea" came out-of-the-bag. I managed to mauver this to a fish pie. So while the kids did their homework, I cooked Pizza and Fish.

Dare I say it, but both went down very well.

The natural accompliant to the fish pie,was a Muscadet Servre et Maine, I bought a few years ago, from Haywood Bros, London.

The wine comes from the western end of the Loire Valley and is made from a rather un-known grape called Melon de Bourgogne. It became the grape of choice in the region, when a harsh frost in 1709 wiped out the competition. Stories tell of the naming of the region came from the Muskiness of the wine.

The wine has a beautiful golden yellow colour and the rim showed good age, even though it is from the 2008 vintage. The nose was one of canned pineapple chunks in syrup, this moved on to Gallia Melon and Honey Dew Melon. The initial taste reminded me of the old penny sweets, called fruit salads. The pineapple is back and as the wine develops, this becomes pineapple cube sweets, there is mango in there too.

This wine goes perfectly with seafood and reminds me of one of the most romantic meals I ever ate, my wife and I were dining at the first floor restaurant, in the Eiffel Tower. We drank this wine with Fruit de Mer and the world stopped for a few hours. Just don't be shellfish, when pouring.


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