Friday, 4 January 2013

Jesus comes with good news.

I employed a Spanish guy for a few years, called Jesus. The J is pronounced as a H, and before I lose my audience of wine buffs, there is a wine connection.
He was the best person I have ever employed, hard working, loyal and he laughed at my jokes too.
What more could you ask?  He now lives in Norway and recently got back in touch asking to meet up.
I was in Oxford, at one of the Colleges, on a particular Saturday before Christmas. We had arranged to meet there and when the taxi pulled up and decanted Jesus and his girlfriend, they quickly announced that moments before he had just proposed.

Chrisen and Jesus were beaming with excitement, I think there is only one thing to do in these situations and that is to reach for the bubbles.

The bottle in the fridge, just happened to be a Champagne from Leroux-Mineau, a vintage year of 2004 no less.

It was the classic golden yellow, releasing a myriad of small bubbles, that just went on and on. The taste was a classic toasty brioche and green apples. A delight, for a Saturday lunchtime.

It does pose the question, when Jesus comes, what will you serve him?
Congratulations to both my friends, I hope they will be very happy.

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